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Frequently asked questions

our team are here to help...

What is included in the hire of Adore & Pour? 

Along with our your choice of Caravan bar, Timber bar or RSA staff, we will include glassware, ice, cooler boxes, straws & napkins, water dispenser, meetings and pre and post labour. There are also many extras you can add like cocktails, mocktails, lawn games, decor, champagne towers, grazing boards and more. Enquire today to see our packages and what best suits your event. 

Does Adore & Pour Supply the alcohol for your event? 

No Adore & Pour does not supply alcohol for your event, you supply the alcohol and we serve it to you & your guests. We can supply alcohol for an additional cost. 

How much alcohol should I purchase for my event? 

Once you have booked your package with our team its completely up to you how much alcohol & drinks you wish to purchase. Of course we will assist in the planning of your event and help work out this number based on the number of guests and length of your event. 

Do I need to supply power?

Yes, if there is no power we charge an additional $350 hire fee for a generator if needed. 

Does Adore & Pour travel? 

Adore & Pour loves a good road trip. A travel fee of $2 per km outside of Sydney applies. 

Does Adore & Pour provide table service? 

We serve directly from the van, timber bar or your on site bar. If you wish to have table service at your event we can definitely provide this service at an additional cost.

What if I need more staff? 

Not a problem at all! We can easily arrange more staff at your request or if your having a large event with over 100 guests.  

What do the Adore & Pour Team do? 

The Adore & Pour team are here to help & bring the vibes. We can bring the caravan/ portable bar into your venue, set up where best suits your needs and prepare to serve you & your guests. If your site already has a bar and you just wish to have RSA staff at your event we can do this also, with all bar related setup included. At the end of the event, we will pack everything away and take any Adore & Pour related rubbish with us.

Can we hire Adore & Pour without service? 

Unfortunately not, Adore & Pour needs a lot of care and dedication to work well at your event. Our team are here to help to make sure your events goes without a hitch. 

How do I cool my drinks? 

If you decide to purchase your own beverages, we do recommend you hire a cool rom if your venue does not provide fridges / cool room to cool your drinks.  If this is not possible to chill your drinks prior to our arrival,  once we arrive we will place your drinks in our 3 door fridge and cooler boxes. If you choose for us to purchase your beverages we will ensure drinks are cool upon arrival. 

Does the ground need to be level for Adore & Pour? 

Yes, all our bars work best on a flat surfaces.

How do we book Adore & Pour?

Contact us via our website, Facebook or Instagram, or you can email us at or

call us on 0400 755 545 and we can discuss how we can best cater to your event and special day. 

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?  

Yes, if your venue requires a copy please let us know and we will be happy to provide this for them.


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